By collaborating with official, industrial and academic circles, our institute strives to generate top-notch personnel in development and investigation of Chinese herbal medicine. We are dedicated to achieve innovations in research and production techniques for Chinese herbal medicine, and to serve as a cornerstone for long term technological advancement for humanity. To that end, we have set the following commitments

  1. Develop a new generation of natural medicine by integrating pharmacology, functional genetics, proteomics and bioinformatics in natural medicine research. Promote modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and scientific investigation into treatment theories. Research cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs, microbes and plant cells and investigate applications for transgenic plants. Develop new natural medicine and health products and evaluate their potential for commercialization.
  2. Evaluate pre-clinical / clinical therapeutic outcome of natural medicine and traditional Chinese medicine formulas.

Our graduates are able to promptly enter professional arenas or pursue higher level studies after completion of their degree. Students originally from the Pharmacy Department can take up positions related to pharmaceutics after acqiring the Pharmaceuticals License. Our other graduates will be well trained to work in industries such as health food, Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal development, biochemistry, biotechnology, hospitals and clinic, utilizing their skills in teaching, development, quality control, sales, or product planning.


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