Required Courses
Course NameCreditsInstructor
Seminars on Natural Products (1)(2)(3) 4

Yih-Fung Chen
Hui-Chun Wang

Special Topics in Development of Natural Products 3Hui-Chun Wang
Life Pharmacy and Academic Ethics 2 
Optional Courses
Course NameCreditsInstructor
Special Topics on Pharmacognosy(1)(2) 4Fang-Rong Chang
Special Topics on Instrumental Analysis (1)(2) 4Fang-Rong Chang
Special Topics on Isolation Techniques(1)(2) 4Michal Korinek
Special Topics on Pharmacological Evaluation of Natural Products (1)(2) 4Chin-Chung Wu
Special Topics on Natural Products Chemistry (1)(2) 4Chang Hsun-Shuo
Special Topics on Natural Product Biochemistry(1)(2) 6

Hui-Chun Wang
Chia-Hung Yen

Special Topics on High-Throughput Drug Screening (1)(2) 4Chia-Hung Yen
Special Topics on Organic Chemistry (1)(2) 4Michal Korinek
Special Topics on Target-based Research of Natural Products (1)(2) 6Yih-Fung Chen
Global Pharmacy Courses 2Michal Korinek
Special Topics on Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry(1)(2) 4Michal Korinek
(M)Natural Product Extraction and Bio Activity Test 1Chia-Hung Yen
Special Topics in Guidelines for Registration of Natural Medicine 1Hsi Lin Chiu

Requirement for Graduation

  1. At least complete 30 credits, including 6 for master's thesis.
  2. Before graduation, students should write and submit their works in a SCI journal or post in a symposium.
  3. At least pass one of the below English qualification
B1 Threshold500173614.5Medium grade600240PETALTE Level 2
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