GINP has more than ten laboratories for natural products research. Our facilities possess billion dollars of instruments for the studies of phytochemistry, pharmacology, and molecular biology. Now GINP has one 600 MHz, two 400 MHz, one 300 MHz, and one 200 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, one GC-MS spectrometer, one LC-MS spectrometer, one element analysis spectrometer, two infrared (IR) spectrometers, fifteen HPLC separation systems, one TLC scanner, thirty five rotavapors, fifteen fraction collectors, two UV spectrometers, one laminar flow, two incubators, two freeze dryers, two ultra low temperature freezers, one droplet countercurrent chromatography (DCCC), one high speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC), and several centrifuges. Detailed information and the location of all instruments are showed in the link below.


Oil-less piston and anti-corrosive type vacuum pump 5
Rotavapor 8
UV spectrophotometer 1
Vacuum drying oven 1
Anti-corrosive type vacuum pump 3
Fraction Collector 6
Vacuum distill controlled system 1
Analytical balances 1
HPLC pump 1
20l Rotavapor 1
Polarimeter 1
General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge 1
Milli-Q ultrapure water system 1
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 1
PCR thermal cycler 1
Laminar flow 3
Nitrogen gas generator 1
Photodiode array (UV-VIS spectrophotometer) 3
Chormatography data handling system 2
Rotary evaporator 2
Freeze dry system 1
HPLC autosampler 2
High performance liquid chromatography 4
HPLC high-purity reverse phase column 1
Photochemistry reaction device 1
Inverted fluorescent microscopy and image analysis system 1
Platelet aggregometer 2
ELISA microplate reader 3
4°C Freezer 6
CO2 incubator 4
Plant Growth Chamber & Incubator 2
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