Natural medicine had been used by humans for centuries. Much clinical data had been gathered on their effects on humans, and as such they are extremely valuable in health research. Taiwan, with its geographical location, vast differences in elevation and great variations in the surrounding sea depth, has great wealth in both terrestrial and marine natural resources. It would be of tremendous benefit to the health sciences if these treasures from nature can be studied and examined scientifically.

Missions Statement
  1. We culture the best personnel in natural products research and biotechnology.
  2. We increase the quality and ability in pharmaceutical service profession related to natural products.
  3. We pursue eternal academic achievement and leadship in biotech and pharmaceutical industry.
  1. Cultivate top-notch biotechnological personnel in the field of research and development for natural medicine.
  2. Focus on practical and application aspects of research to enhance academic accomplishments and research/practical ethics.
  3. Assist in realization of self-potential, and to nurture exceptional leadership capabilities.
  4. Focus on topical research to foster independent learning and investigating capabilities.
  5. Emphasize comprehensive research to stimulate cross-disciplinary thinking and learning.
  6. Encourage international collaboration to inspire formation of proactive, global perspective
  7. Integrate theoretical and empirical studies to promote independent, critical thinking ability.
Distinguishing Feature
  1. Faculty: We have excellent professors with more than 30 years of experience in teaching and researching of natural medicine.
  2. Education: We provide doctorate degrees courses and are proud to be the oldest natural medicine research institution with the most comprehensive program in Taiwan.
  3. Research: We integrate professional educators in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Medicine and Molecular Biology to actively seek and develop new research topics. The quality and quantity of research papers published by our student and staff in the natural medicine field are the highest in Taiwan.
  4. International Collaboration: We actively organize international seminars in Taiwan and encourage our student and stuff to study and attend seminars internationally. We also provide short term study opportunities for international students, and the academic results have been excellent.
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