Our institute integrates several scientific fields of scholars into natural medicine researches. On the basis of the development of new natural products with pharmacological activity, new lead drugs with antitumor and anti-cardiovascular disease activities could be found. To utilize total or semi synthetic methods to prepare large amount of material, and to modify lead drug's structure. After the studies of pharmacological mechanism and in vitro tests, the development of new drugs will be carried out. Consequently, graduated students in GINP could chose an advisor according to their own major and interests. Students could obtain the last knowledge through professional curriculum and varieties of special speeches.

Our institute comprises of top tier research personnel related to the field of natural medicine. Using research on active components in natural medicine as a basis and aided by material synthesis/modification and pharmacological mechanism study and screening, we seek to develop new remedies related to cancer and heart diseases. With that as a guide and following topics outlined by National Science Council and Department of Health, students are free to choose from a variety of courses and instructors according to their individual interest and specialty. The courses in combination with designed special topic talks by specialists in each area will aid the student in achieving their study goals. The courses available at our institute are as follows

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