Research Field


Uppsala University

Professor in Pharmacognosy

Anders Backlund

Phylogenetics   and Chemographics

Address:Uppsala biomedicinska centrum BMC, Husarg. 3
Telephone:+4618-471 4498
E-mail: anders.backlund@fkog.uu.se    

University of Szeged

Professor in Medicinal Chemistry

Ferenc Fülöp Synthesis and stereochemistry of saturated heterocycles, nitrogen bridgehead compounds, cycloalkane-fused 1,3-heterocycles, ring-chain tautomerism, tetrahydroisoquinoline-fused 1,3-heterocycles, synthesis of potential drugs, enantioselective reactions, β-amino acids, enzyme reactions, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery research, green chemistry, flow chemistry.  

Address: Szeged, Eötvös u. 6, H-6720, Hungary

Telephone: +36-62-54-5564
Fax: +36-62-545-705

Email: fulop@pharm.u-szeged.hu 

University of Szeged

Professor in  Pharmacognosy

Judit Hohmann DSc.

Isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active natural products; Natural products analysis – chromatography, spectroscopy

Address: Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitiy of Szeged
6 Eötvös Str. H-6720 Szeged,

Phone: +36-62-545 558 
Fax: +36-62 545 704

E-mail: hohmann@pharm.u-szeged.hu

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