Required Courses
Course NameCreditsInstructor
Advanced Seminar on Natural Products (1)(2)(3)(4) 4Yuan-Bin Cheng
Chia-Hung Yen
Advanced Topics on Natural  Medical Products Chemistry 3Yang-Chang Wu

Advanced Topics on Biotechnology and Botanical New Drug Research

4Chin-Chung Wu
Advanced Life Pharma cy and Academic Ethics 2
Optional Courses

Course NameCreditsInstructor
Advanced Topics on Pharmacognosy(1)(2) 4Yang-Chang Wu
Advanced Topics on Identification and Evaluation of Herbal Medicine(1)(2) 4Ming-Hong Yen
Advanced Topics on Isolation Techniques(1)(2) 4Fang-Rong Chang
Advanced Topics on Instrumental Analysis(1)(2) 4Fang-Rong Chang
Advanced Topics on Marine Natural Product Chemistry(1)(2) 4Yuan-Bin Cheng
Advanced Topics on Natural Product Chemistry(1)(2) 4Chang Hsun-Shuo
Advanced Topics on Cancer Biology(1)(2) 6Chia-Hung Yen
Advanced metabolic research as well as application and identification of diseases-related biomarker (1)(2) 4Yi-Jan Lin
Advanced Drug screening and drug design based on Structure of macromolecules (1)(2) 4Yi-Jan Lin
Advanced application of NMR to drug screening and drug design(1)(2) 4Yi-Jan Lin

Requirement for Graduation

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